Digging to China? Digging for Treasure?
Just digging up the parking lot at our MLK branch!

We are currently in the process of reconstructing & repaving our parking lot.
No, this is not a TRICK; but when all work is complete, should make for a nice parking TREAT!
MLK Parking Construction
We apologize for the mess and any inconveniences caused by unavailable direct access parking to the branch.

The good news? 
Our MLK branch, drive-thru, and ATM are still open & service accessible!

Park down the street, and enjoy a stroll in the lovely Fall weather!


***As of September 6th, 2014 10 digit dialing of phone numbers is going to be mandatory in the Evansville area. For example, when calling into our office, you will dial 812-422-1936. This is a local call. If you dial only the 422-1936, you will NOT be able to get through after Sept 6th. If you are calling from a land line that does not have a long distance carrier attached to it, you will still dial 812-422-1936 as a local call. There is no need to add the “1″ to the front of our number unless you are calling from outside of the local calling area.

The 10 digit dialing can be used right now. We are currently in the grace period of conversion that will end Sept 6th.

Please make sure to update your contact information the next time you contact one of our offices to make sure we have a good phone number for you prior to the addition of a new area code to our calling area!***