About Centurion

Why Join a Credit Union?


Centurion Federal Credit Union, your credit union, is a group of people who got together about 60 years ago and decided to trust each other. Those with savings trusted their money to friends and neighbors who may have needed a loan from time to time; those needing to borrow money trusted their credit union to offer them the best terms. That’s how credit unions started, and that tradition continues today…… a group of people coming together for their own mutual benefit. Millions of people around the world belong to thousands of credit unions. Each credit union serves its own group, and more and more people are being served each year. Every credit union shares these common interests:

  • We are member-owned. The members own the credit union. Our net profit goes back to you by way of dividends and lower loan rates. Your loan generally will be at a lower rate than a competitor’s. And the loan interest you do pay helps keep our rates lower, and our dividends higher, than “those other financing places.”


  • We care about what happens to you. We have your interests at heart. We try to be more flexible with our loan terms and savings rates than those other institutions.


  • We are not-for-profit. Sure, Centurion makes a profit, but remember all net profit helps increase our dividend rates and decrease our loan rates. We don’t have to show a “paper profit” for a group of share holders, who aren’t even involved in our operations. Our directors are all volunteers, and our staff and Board serve because we all care about what we’re doing. We care about you, and we care that you join and use your credit union.


  • You are not anonymous. When you join Centurion federal Credit Union, we hope to know you by name. You will have an account number, but you’ll never be “just another number.” For over 50 years, Centurion has financed education and cars for young members, accepted deposits from them as they began their careers, made loans for their marriage and family expenses, opened accounts for their children, and then financed the children’s education and cars. We develop history with our members.


How can I join?

With over 40 local employee and organizational groups in our field of membership, eligibility has never been easier! If you are an employee of the City, County, Deaconess, are an immediate family member or live in a member’s household then you can join us today! For more information about membership eligibility—including a complete field of membership listing—click here.

Join us to experience doing business with friends!